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CSNet Consulting has developed a toolkit that can be used to rapidly development custom HP Openview/Network Node Manager add-on applications using the PERL language.

Perl is widely accepted and used in the industry. The CSOV Perl Extension provides much of the functionality available in the HP Openview Application Programming Interface through an easy to use language.   The CSOV Perl Extension is available for all  HP Openview/NNM supported platforms (HP-UX, Solaris, Windows, Linux).

Applications which normally would need to be written in C/C++ to take advantage of the powerful OpenView API can be developed in a fraction of the time in Perl using the CSOV Perl extension. It can be used for rapid prototyping but with the efficiency of current versions of Perl and the speed of the extension to the OpenView API Perl programs can be run in production.   Maintenance issues are less worrisome as well as maintaining a staff of skilled C or C++ developers.  Combine CSOV with the many available Perl extensions such as Perl/TK for GUI development and the application potential is limitless.

For a free 30 day evaluation click on the "eval" menu on the left or send a message to csov@cs-net.com. Please include in your message your NNM version, OS type and version and IP address of your NNM server.




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