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The CSOV Perl extension can be purchased by faxing a Company Purchase Order to (800) 640-8416. If you would like a sales quote please send a message to sales@cs-net.com.

CSOV is licensed by the IP address of the NNM server. Prices shown are for a single server license. A license is required for use on each NNM server. A separate license is not required for use on a distributed management console.

The CSOV product can be ordered on-line by making a credit card payment using the PayPal online payment service. This requires a verified account with the PayPal service. For more information on PayPal click here. To purchase online click on the "Buy" for the appropriate platform. You will be directed to the PayPal service to complete the transaction.

If the shipping location is in the state of North Carolina you must select the "Buy" link that includes 6% North Carolina Sales and Use tax.

CSOV Release 2.5 for HP-UX with Support $1500.00 USD
CSOV Release 2.5 for Solaris with Support $1500.00 USD
CSOV Release 2.5 for Windows with Support $1500.00 USD
CSOV Release 2.5 for Linux with support $1500.00 USD
CSOV Annual Support $300.00 USD