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The toolkit has over 70 different functions that perform OpenView API functions including registering for a subset of the available ovw event callbacks. The toolkit provides functionality in a number of different areas. 

Object database functions to add objects, retrieve and set field values, unset fields, delete objects, list objects by multiple field criteria (e.g. isNode=True,isIP=True), get all field values for an object, etc.

Submap functions to add and delete submaps, open a submap, list submap info, etc.

Symbol functions to create and delete symbols, change symbol behavior, set symbol type, set symbol labels, position symbols on a submap (by x,y or sequence), etc., set status (object or symbol), set status source,

Miscellaneous functions to cause a map refresh to be done, terminate an ovw session, log application alerts, find read-write map sessions on a host, get map selections, highlite objects on a map, begin map sync, end map sync, etc. 
Add event callbacks for adding symbols, symbol status change, object status change, compound status change, manage or unmanage objects, create symbol, create objects, etc.

SNMP configuration functions to resolve (like xnmsnmpconf -resolve), store entries in SNMP configuration, and delete entries in SNMP configuration. 
Process management functions to write a well behaved process in Perl. 
Functions to connect to pmd and receive events (either in blocking mode or as a callback).




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